[This is an archive copy of Maria's site. Ms. Gladziszewski was re-elected to the Juneau City Assembly on October 3rd, 2017]

''Maria is great at searching for and finding common ground among people with divergent views. Her insight, good humor, and calm style, combined with her willingness to challenge conventional wisdom, make her a great asset on the Assembly.''
— Former Mayor Bruce Botelho

Juneau is a great community to live, work, and raise a family. As an Assembly member, I have worked hard to secure Juneau's prosperous future and want to continue that work for you and for the whole community. We need to support our existing industries, get locals in local jobs, ensure fair & practical local rules, and take cost-effective and compassionate actions that enhance Juneau as a diverse and vibrant community. I am particularly devoted to:

Making sound financial decisions
With declining federal, state, and local revenue, there will be difficult choices ahead. I'll work to ensure that the tough questions get asked and answered and that the Assembly considers all options.

Increasing opportunities for housing development
We need to expand housing options for all Juneau residents including affordable multi-family units, a continuum of options for our aging population (including assisted living), and supportive housing for the homeless. Concrete actions the Assembly can take to encourage such development include adjusting zoning to allow for increased density on land served by public transit and city water and sewer, facilitating opportunities for more housing downtown, and deferring property tax payments related to subdividing and developing housing lots.

Working to expand our economy
We need to keep our basic industries strong. That includes being the best capital city, providing infrastructure (roads, docks, airports) for government and tourism, resource (mining and fishing) and manufacturing businesses. To attract new businesses, we need a stable tax environment, fair and practical rules (zoning, land use, building codes), and a place for those businesses to operate. As a former Planning Commissioner, I know that flat, buildable land is an increasingly rare commodity in Juneau. We must identify and develop some additional land for industrial use.

Supporting excellence in education
A great school system is vital for a thriving community. In addition, quality schools help attract and keep businesses and residents in our community. In order to keep local jobs for local residents, we must train Juneau residents for job-ready careers in government, health care, tourism, fishing, and mining.

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